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During the period of French domination, the pond was stagnant and used as a water source for deer kept by the Indochina General Governor’s Office. When moving to this area, Ho Chi Minh suggested upgrading it into a pond to farm fish and to keep the air fresh.

The pond is more than 3,000 square meters in area. The deepest point is three meters. A variety of fish are raised here, including black carp, carp, fat-head and tilapia. The fish can feed themselves at different levels of the pond.


In the past, President Ho Chi Minh would go to the pond after work each day to feed the fish. The food included mainly bran and pieces of bread or rice his assistants had dried and put in a box near the quay. Before the feeding, he clapped his hands to “call” the fish. Gradually, the clapping became a conditioned reflection for the fish and they would swim to the quay for food. Then mature fish would be caught and cooked for the  President’s assistants or guests from inside and outside Vietnam. Every year, on the President’s birthday, public holidays or traditional New Year’s day, he would ask his assistants to present fish taken from the pond to leaders of the Party and State, the guards and the assistants’ families. The President also wanted other localities to develop fish-farming to improve daily meals.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh’s Testament (1969-1979), the Party Central Committee Secretariat, Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Ho Chi Minh Museum launched the movement “Uncle Ho’s Fish Pond.” Breeder fish from Ho Chi Minh’s fish pond were given to localities across the country and some armed forces units for multiplication.

The movement enjoyed broad support from people nationwide. It was of profound educational value and brought about real economic benefits, contributing to improving people’s living standards.

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